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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Yuba City Senior Photographer | {Welcome to the HOT SQUAD!}

After many months of planning, meeting, thinking and working...I am so happy to announce the launch of something NEVER BEFORE DONE in our area for senior graduate photography. Its the HOT SQUAD.

Many of you know me as *THE* newborn photographer and newborns are my first love...nothing will ever compare to my newborn clients. My other love is senior photography. Its ironic really that I love catpturing your baby's first little wrinkles, toes and smiles and then also catpturing their fun and fresh personality as they graduate highschool, prepare for their future and spread their wings...Its really coming full circle.

There will be more updates to the site as well as a new logo and blog coming up ASAP...I just couldn't wait to launch it any longer!!! Welcome to the HOT SQUAD!

{The Hot Squad}

Q: What is the "Hot Squad"?
A: The Hot Squad is a program offered only by Jessica Cole Photography. A handful of seniors are selected from each high school as the "Top Hot Squad" and these select seniors are given a FREE senior session. Each of these Top Hot Squad members are given their Hot Squad Rep Cards to give to their friends or people they think are hot members of their school. Those members get a discounted session as well and some Hot Squad cards to give to their friends and so on...

Q: How are the Top Hot Squad Members chosen?
A: The Top Hot Squad members are chosen by their teachers, principals, community members, etc. They are chosen and nominated for good attitude, community service, academic success, participants of student government or can be a variety of choices that the student has made that shows they are a person of good character in our community. From there, its totally open to student selections by their friends and whomever they want to give their Hot Squad card to...besties, boyfriends, name it! The choice is yours from there!

Q: How much is the discount for Hot Squad members?
A: The Top Hot Squad members get a FREE session! The cards they give out are good for 75% off. Those Hot Squad cards are good for 50% off and so on...ALL senior members of the Hot Squad are given FREE rep cards and 32 FREE wallets to give to their friends.

Q: Why should I want to join the Hot Squad?
A: Why wouldn't you?! Its a fun way to see what all your friend's photos look like, swap photos, stories and rep cards. Its a good excuse to tell someone you think they are hot and that they deserve to show it off in an awesome and modern senior photo shoot. And a total bonus is that we have an end of the year HOT SQUAD PARTY featuring dancing and entertainment from TSP DJ Steve Allard, free prize swag, t-shirts, raffle prizes & more! This party is for members of the Hot Squad only and you will NOT want to be left out!

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