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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Yuba City Family Photographer | {The love affair}

While I can capture the 'textbook' sun-flare with the best of them, I love the taste of something new. Something artistic and not usually seen as beautiful. I am in LOVE with the hazy look of sun covering my lens this year...I am not sure why. Maybe its because its 'vintage' looking and reminds me of the dog days of summer. Maybe its because the regular 'old' sun flares have been done so many times. I am not sure. But when I was up editing tonight and I pulled this photo up, I just had to share. My love of the sun continues. I am sure its a phase. It can't last forever, right? ;)

Huge thank you to Rebecca Cook for inspiring this shot!

1 comment:

rebecca cook said...

its so gorgeous jess. you are a sweetie :-)