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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mixing it up with the "M" Family

This morning I had a session with the "M" family. They were totally fun and willing to mix it up a bit with me...together we had a traveling photo session and went all over the area testing out my new ideas and locations. These are some samples that caught my eye as they were importing today. We went from more urban, grungy stuff to country wild flowers and back again...FUN! Thanks again to the M family for having fun this morning & happy birthday to the little guy Carsen!!!

Friday, February 27, 2009


I am teaming up with the Yuba County Office of Education Realy for Life team this year and we will be raffling off a shoot with me! Its a 1 hour session and an 11x14 enlargement ($235 value)!!! Tickets are $10 each and all proceeds go to the American Cancer Society and all donations/raffle tickets are tax deductible.

I will be at the event (June 13-14 at Geweke Field) in the YCOE tent with samples of my work, selling tickets and walking with my girls and hubby. Come stop by this year and see me, meet my twins, go for a walk and see if your family is on display at the event.

There will be more ways to donate coming soon but for are ON SALE! What a fun way to do something great!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Modern Brag Book

This modern take on the classic tradition of a brag book is hip, fresh and fun! I am LOVING them as are my newborn mom's.

Now offered only by Jessica Cole!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Something special for the "S" family

Little newborn Claire

I am quickly getting this reputation as the 'nude' photographer-- and I love it! Between my maternity photos, the boudoir style photos and me stripping newborns down to nothing, I can see how it the reputation has started. I don't mind. Maybe its my years in healthcare or my years as a dancer, but tasteful nudity to me is no big deal. What's more cute than a naked baby's bottom? And more priceless than a mom and her baby chest to chest?

I have had so many ideas for a newborn that I can hardly stop myself from grabbing random babies and photographing them. With a big baby boom this week, its nice because I get to test my ideas.

I am so thankful that this family loves the ideas and shares the same vision as I do. Now, I can't ruin her gallery but I have to share some of these amazing shots of baby Claire. Yes, we did them on the rainy day. No flash (as usual). They have AMAZING light/windows in their home and it worked perfectly!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

My 'newest' of newborns

Remember this glowing mommy & daddy?

Well guess who arrived?! Their little princess. I am not announcing the name since that is the mommy & daddy's joy to do and I am not showing a real 'shot' of the baby yet either or the details of her birth; I am waiting for mom and dad to have the pleasure of those events. But I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to do this birth with them and photograph every little moment.

Live birth photography is something commonly overlooked by parents who are busy decorating a nursery, writing a birth plan and stocking up on diapers. But its truly an important investment. How else can you capture the magical first moments together without carrying your own camera around, getting blurry photos in haste and not getting to enjoy all the moments that mean so much?

Live birth photography is something I have been wanting to launch for awhile now and I am so happy to get to announce that its now an option for my clients. I take a 'fly on the wall' approach and watch the magic unfold as a new life enters your family. I capture the moment you first see that squirming little bundle, the weighing, the foot prints, the first time you feed him/her, first family photos, the first time big brother/sister gets to see the baby...all the moments you are living. You shouldn't have to miss out on the moments to take a photo and you shouldn't have to miss the photo either. You can have both. What an irreplaceable investment in your memories and your family.

Anyway, onto the sneak peek for the "B" Family! Lots more to come of this angel from her newborn session this week!

Glowing mommy-to-be

I had the absolute pleasure of photographing this mommy-to-be this afternoon. Words escape me as I sort through her images and try to select a couple for a sneak peek.

Enjoy! She really is glowing!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Little guy in Lincoln

Little newborn "J" was only 5 lbs 7 oz when he was born and is still under 6 lbs today when I had the pleasure of photographing him. He was such a good baby and even though I was undressing him, moving him and took away his pacifier, he never really cried and screamed. What a good guy!

Enjoy a sneak peek of this tiny guy!

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Just when I thought my job couldn't be more fun, I have some baubles to share. The first is my new 'baby' Blackberry. I am addicted already. I can check all my emails no matter where I am now and keep in touch with clients constantly. This is GREAT for my live birth moms because I can get 'the call' or the text or the e-mail no matter what when they go into labor. I can also schedule everybody right here and not have to worry about my book all the time. YEAH!

Also, one of the coolest things that I love is my new camera strap. Made by Jodie's Camera Staps, they are a fun, fresh and unique way to customize your gear. Check out my cute new hot pink/black one! Love it! I told her I would give her a plug here on my blog so be sure to check out her sites.

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone! I know there are a bunch of very happy husbands & boyfriends today getting those boudoir photos!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I am so grateful to be staying busy with busy in fact, that I am already booking into the 2nd week of March!!! Of course, I have a free day here and there, but if you are wanting to get on the calendar for spring photos then we better get you on the schedule soon.

Again, I cannot say "thanks" enough to my fantastic clientele that keeps me working steady, on my toes and lets me test out all my fun new ideas on them! In the coming months I will have some fun, new & fresh ideas coming keep an eye on the blog for more details!

530.701.7188 or to book your appointment!

(Note: I always leave some give in my schedule for newborn and maternity clients as those photos are time sensitive)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Annie's sneak peek!

As long as I have known Annie, I don't think she has ever looked more radiant than she has the last 18 months. Her 18 month old twins (yes, this girl has twins too-- and her body is PERFECT!) have brought out the most gorgeous, glowing side of her that I have ever seen. Motherhood definitely suits her!

Annie, you look amazing girl!

More to come from Annie!