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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Little newborn Claire

I am quickly getting this reputation as the 'nude' photographer-- and I love it! Between my maternity photos, the boudoir style photos and me stripping newborns down to nothing, I can see how it the reputation has started. I don't mind. Maybe its my years in healthcare or my years as a dancer, but tasteful nudity to me is no big deal. What's more cute than a naked baby's bottom? And more priceless than a mom and her baby chest to chest?

I have had so many ideas for a newborn that I can hardly stop myself from grabbing random babies and photographing them. With a big baby boom this week, its nice because I get to test my ideas.

I am so thankful that this family loves the ideas and shares the same vision as I do. Now, I can't ruin her gallery but I have to share some of these amazing shots of baby Claire. Yes, we did them on the rainy day. No flash (as usual). They have AMAZING light/windows in their home and it worked perfectly!

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