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Saturday, February 14, 2009


Just when I thought my job couldn't be more fun, I have some baubles to share. The first is my new 'baby' Blackberry. I am addicted already. I can check all my emails no matter where I am now and keep in touch with clients constantly. This is GREAT for my live birth moms because I can get 'the call' or the text or the e-mail no matter what when they go into labor. I can also schedule everybody right here and not have to worry about my book all the time. YEAH!

Also, one of the coolest things that I love is my new camera strap. Made by Jodie's Camera Staps, they are a fun, fresh and unique way to customize your gear. Check out my cute new hot pink/black one! Love it! I told her I would give her a plug here on my blog so be sure to check out her sites.

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone! I know there are a bunch of very happy husbands & boyfriends today getting those boudoir photos!


Laura said...

I LOVE your pink blackberry and that camera strap is AWESOME! I'm researching cameras and hope to get a DSLR in the next couple I will certainly check out her straps!

Nickole said...

Thanks for that link for the camera straps...I've been looking for probably a year for a new one...and all I could find were the standard ones! Thanks again...oh and I LOVE MY BLACKBERRY too!!!


Jodie's 365 Project said...

Jessica, thanks a million for the plug for my camera straps. I'm so glad you're enjoying yours. I have so much fun making them.

Your portraits are gorgeous and I enjoyed looking around your blog.

Happy Shooting!

Jodie's Camera Straps said...

Hi Jessica! The new link is