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Saturday, May 16, 2009

My Mother's Day

Of course, I have not one single photo of me and my girls on Mother's Day together. I have about 300 shots of my girls though. :) Isn't that they way it goes?

I wanted to share some of them since I think they are the cutest little things going and also it gave me some cute-ness to add with my announcement: NEW BLOG COMING ASAP! Its been in the works for months now and is finally coming along. I am working like crazy to get it done before the summer really kicks off and I think I am driving my IT guy insane! ;)

Enjoy my cuties and stay tuned for the new blog! YEAH!

My 1st born, Addisen:

Little sister (by 1 minute), Parker:

This photo was a blooper but it had my husband laughing so hard that I had to share it. Addisen is in the background shaking the grass off of her hands and my husband said "I have no idea where she gets that expression from!" either. ;)

1 comment:

Nicole Hoff said...

love them in their outfits from me ;)! great pics!